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 Galactic Investigations Bureau Information

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PostSubject: Galactic Investigations Bureau Information   Galactic Investigations Bureau Information Icon_minitimeWed 3 Apr - 13:59


Welcome to the Galactic Investigations Bureau's Multicom Information Network. If you are here that means you have an Interest in what the Galactic Investigation Bureau or GIB Does. In Essence the GIB is a Government Organization that's sole purpose is to gather Intelligence defend the citizens of the Old Dominion and to detect and neutralize all external threats to the Dominion.

What does this mean?

-The GIB is actively seeking all terrorists throughout the galaxy preventing all damage to both citizens and government officials as well as preventing the Destruction of Government property.
-The GIB prevents corruption within the government and the factions associated within said government.
- the GIB Cooperates with local officials to subdue and arrest citizens as well as enforce the laws of the Dominion in any way deemed necessary by the Director.
- The GIB also works in collaboration with both the Law Enforcement Agency and the Military to defend the Dominion against foreign threats.

How is the GIB Organized?

The GIB has an internal ranking structure similar to that of any normal Police or military Agency the only difference being that the leadership is split between two Directors who are in charge of separate but equally important facets of Internal Security and External Security. the Ranking Structure is as Follows.

Director A (External) Director B (Internal)

Section Chief Section Chief

Agent In Charge Agent In Charge

Senior Agent Senior Agent

Agent Agent

Agent Trainee Agent Trainee

Applicant Applicant

How can I join the GIB?

In order to become an Agent in the GIB you must first pass a rigorous selection process that begins with an interview and ends with basic Agent training. As an Agent trainee you will undergo tutelage by an agent From the Galactic Processing and training Division. while under the strict tutelage of your AIP instructor you will begin the process of becoming a full fledged member of the GIB

The training and introduction Process is as follows

-Agent Review and Interview
-Previous Intelligence experience
- Previous Government Experience
-Reasons for Joining
- Background check

- Agent pre-training probationary period
- During this time you will be under the scrutiny of a Supervising agent who will deem you fit to continue training ((Only lasts 1 real life day))

-Agent Training and Processing Begins
- Basic uniform and gear usage
- Basic Rules, ranks, and regulations
- Internal Rules and Regulation
- Basic Teamwork and Order Following
- Basic report structure and Database Usage
- Weapons Proficiency Exam

Once you have passed the Training courses you will then be promoted to the rank of Agent during the Training completion and Ranking Ceremony. Once you are through with training you will be offered the choice of joining either internal or external departments. once in your department you will again be able to choose a specialization that you will then pursue and train in until you either advance or choose the change specialization.

Specializations include the Following


- Galactic Special Operations Division
- Galactic Asset Defence Division
-Galactic External Intelligence Division
- Galactic Civil Affairs Division


- Galactic Internal Investigations Division
- Galactic Processing and training Division
- Galactic Economics And Resources Division
- Galactic Internal Security Division


Contact A recruiting Agent Today!

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PostSubject: Re: Galactic Investigations Bureau Information   Galactic Investigations Bureau Information Icon_minitimeThu 4 Apr - 4:25

All the information one needs to know
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Galactic Investigations Bureau Information
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