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 Official Report - Galactic Investigations Bureau 30/11/2424

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V.I.P (Galactic Intelligence Service)
V.I.P (Galactic Intelligence Service)

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Official Report - Galactic Investigations Bureau 30/11/2424 Empty
PostSubject: Official Report - Galactic Investigations Bureau 30/11/2424   Official Report - Galactic Investigations Bureau 30/11/2424 Icon_minitimeSun 17 Feb - 2:57

Official Report

Date : 30/11/2424
Time : 15.38

Citizens of the dominion,

Today is a day of reform, no longer will the G.I.B be hidden and obscured from the citizens of the Dominion. The Galactic Investigations Bureau must again become a guiding force in the galaxy. Today's actions are the beginnings of a movement, a movement towards peace and security.

Earlier today G.I.B agents conducted an investigation on the planet Necars Field. During the investigation technology previously thought secure was found in a crater near Ion Canyon. The technology found in the crater was of Vortex Inc. origin, and as such prompted immediate investigation.

After interrogating a VI Analyst known as Karl Hendy we learned that a terrorist organization known only as “The Network” was at the heart of a plot to blackmail and use Karl’s knowledge as a pivoting point by which to start a string of terrorist activities.

During the trial of Karl Hendy it was found that he had been contacted by The Network. After interrogation he agreed he would be able to give the Galactic Intelligence Service leads and further details. Before he could reveal names of The Network operatives he was assassinated. The operative responsible for Karl Hendy’s death is unknown at this time.

Further Investigations are currently pending.

Director Ciaphas Alfa
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Official Report - Galactic Investigations Bureau 30/11/2424
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